Did you know?
With the Nilfisk FOOD patented Tornado Nozzle better rinsing impact is reached with 30 l of water/min compared to standard nozzles at 40 l of water/min, resulting in Water Savings!
Tornado nozzle
Nilfisk FOOD is a one-stop supplier of low pressure cleaning equipment for the Food and Beverage, Retail, Institutional and QSR markets!
You can both Rinse and Foam with just one unique Nilfisk FOOD Twin Nozzle, that enables two cleaning functions in one nozzle! The nozzle is also coated with rubber that protects it when being dropped down on the floor.
Twin Nozzle
You can clean at three different pressures between 5 - 25 bars with just one Hybrid MainStation/Booster, simply by defining it in the settings of your cleaning station. See how to do it in the Tips&Tricks section!
According to our last customer survey, Nilfisk FOOD is an honest and friendly company to do business with!
Thanks to LEAN implementation, Nilfisk FOOD offers shorter lead times to the market.

Nilfisk Food has 32 years of experience in developing and producing low pressure cleaning solutions.

Learn more about Low pressure cleaning concept in our News section.

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Cleaning does not get any easier than this!

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